Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rainbow In Oasis

Without the rain, There would be no Rainbow
-Gilbert Chesterton-

Alhamdulillah, the MPG was going well. yeah yeah yeah.. just well
even though, there's a lot of problems and 'someone' left the program at last minute, but we still can counter back all those problems.

with the theme, 'Rainbow In Oasis', we succeed make our guests attracted with the decoration.
the wall of fame, the table's decoration, the red carpet and the stage were really nice! 
Good Job Biro Persiapan Tempat dan Makanan!

Everybody wants happiness, no one wants pain. But how can you make a rainbow without a little rain?

Like what I said earlier, we did a very awesome job! eh, perasannya minah ni. Who cares? 
Syukur, Alhamdulillah~ 

Summit Hotel, Subang Jaya. 8th September 2012

with my roommie sebelum bertolak ke Summit Hotel:)

Us before the event started. *mak jemah pun kalah u olllsss*

den x dpt nak ambil gambar time event. al maklumlah.. amanah as a stage manager kena dijalankan:)
maka,selepas event, hambek.. penuh ipod den

I love them and always do. *sibling terulung*

anak-anak physio abah (beside me)

oh well,, hello. ignore me. X dpt makan banyak2:(

Stage Manager, Floor Manager and Event Manager

Just sempat captured this picture after event. The Al-Farabi band really awesome!

hye awak, terima kasih datang tolong kitorg walaupun awk tgh berpraktikal skargXD

they are my heart and my soul:')

with Biro Jemputan dan Pendaftaran yang disayangiXD
thanks a lot korang! you guys really coool~

My another heart and soul<3

Appreciate everybody and you will feel the love:)
-Rainbow In Oasis-

Smile is the BEST therapy. ALHAMDULILLAH:)

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Wanie Suhaini said...

tahniah berjaya as org penting! ^^