Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shape Run, Putrajaya

Rugi pula tak join shape run:/ A lot of fun you will get by joining Shape Run!
Congratulations to Kak Lina (cousin) and her friend, Kak Lin for successfully finished the run. Both of you very fabulous and awesome! *dah ada anak pun masih gagah perkasa join benda alah ni* TABIK SPRIIINGles!

I'll make sure I join SHAPE RUN next year! and.. three of us will join Salomon X Trail Run on September, 30th and  Park City Run on November. yaaaaay:D

SEEE.. even they look much much younger than their age. 

le starting point

kak lin and kak lina. the very fabulous teachers. eh? 

the runners


helloo there:) she is the best cousin I ever have!


lucky me can see the beautiful of Putrajaya at night

kak lina

Masjid Sultan Zainal Abidin aka Masjid Besi

Gentle lady and gentleman, my age now is 19 y/o. X sampai pun lagi. and my cousin is 32 y/o. How she can look younger? can be very stylish and up to date yo! confusing.. 

we're both can keep the secret and share some stories
We're really closed and need each other

-le cousin-

Smile is the BEST therapy. ALHAMDULILLAH:)


Anis Adila Aris said...

macam sebaya aje, serius kena ambik bnyak tips dari cousin

faizrin said...

my teacher memang hebat , ahaha

Puteri Nur Aqiliah said...

Anis : sangat T___T
Faizrin, yup. Both of your teachers reallllly coool!