Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miss Malaysia Pahang 2010.pondan;p

korangh semuaaaa!
when I watched this video, im really superb wondering something. are they really a 'WANITA' or 'LELAKI'? confusing~,~..

think of it. think it wisely. wht happen to our own lovely country? ini ke negara 'ISLAM' yg digah gah kan selama ni? I dont know what to say. easy word.. no comment. im not saying that I hate 'lelaki lembut' or 'pondan' or 'lelaki nyah'..bcoz Allah created them like tht. we cant judge Allah was wrong. Allah had another plans for them ok. They not asked to be like that but as 'saudara seISLAM', we can change them to be a truly man. NOT THIS WAY..buat MISS UNIVERSE whatsoeve..

renung-renungkan..btw, thaaaanx a lot to kak tulus sweeet sbb promote this vid at her blog

Smile is the BEST therapy. ALHAMDULILLAH:)


Dahlan said...

Hmm, well x tau Pu3 would accept my opinion tp this is what I feel:

Actually the Miss Malaysia tuh, it's hard to tell dia seorang perempuan atau laki atau pondan. Susah sikit. But harap2 dia seorang pompuan. Sebab nama dah Miss Malaysia, bukan Mr. Malaysia kan?

On the other hand, memang kita negara Islam tapi Miss Malaysia or Miss World mahupun Miss Universe tidak boleh diislamikkan. Mmg susah Pu3. Kalau nak menang, you have to follow the way walaupun kurang memenuhi kehendak syariah (amboi mcm dh ade Degree Islamic Banking jer). Therefore, just kena go with flow walaupun salah. No choice. Nanti orang label kita nih fanatik.

Best idea? Cari pompuan tulen yg lawa & cantik supaya menang title Miss Malaysia tuwh.

Smile always :)

Anonymous said...

apa nak jadi la dgn negara Malaysia ni?
negara Islam?

puterinuraqiliah said...

dahlan: I think they are a man ok. coz from their voice. I dont think so they are a woman. lenggok suara perempuan sgt lain. i know coz im a woman. in islam..kita x boleh follow but try to change it. bukan fanatik. lain ok kalau fanatik in islam. we just do what we need to do as a muslim. berhikmah(in other word, bagi nasihat).

ada 3 cara iaitu kuasa, lisan dan hati. if u want to know about it, just tell me. i'll post it to blog. okie dokie^^

apa org nak ckp, its up to em. as a muslim, we MUST tegur or bagi nasihat.

Dahlan said...

Puteri :
Entah. Kalau pondan, si buang title Ms. Malaysia.

Anyhow, I agree yang dalam Islam kita x boleh follow, tapi dah bertahun-tahun beauty contest buat macam tuwh. On the other hand, kita pun kena tengok that bukan satu golongan jer tengok this programme. Kalau nak Islamic pun diorang akan cakap, dah ada Hijab Fashion Week and so on. So, back to square one. Possible but difficult.

Memanglah tegur tapi kita x boleh force immediately. Tapi so far, kat Middle East it's actually this way. Either you nak pakai Hijab or Free Hair is your choice. To me, it's better than forcing. Kalau force orang tak belajar. Biar orang belajar dari kesilapan sendiri.

- Smile always :)

puterinuraqiliah said...

tapi..we cant force them. islam x boleh dipaksa tapi kena selalu tegur n nasihat

♥♥P.i.n.K.y MoMMa♥♥ said...

erksss..kompius akak dik non ;)