Thursday, July 15, 2010

aku ada boyfriend baru?!

ala..tajuk 2 nak wat GEMPAK je..
x dew pape pun
now, my class same like library. Even at library not too quiet!
9:30pm-11.00pm(prep time) 
nobody can disturb us and my class is the NO TALKING ZONE. The probis prefect who want to do inspection also scary to enter my class. our class is the 'SAIKO' class? no larh! maybe..during inspection..

berapa byk rules lagi nak letak???
anak sapa yang buat aduan jew.. mana ada prep mlm bising! nak senyap, gie keluar dari seseri r!
peti cadangan tahun nie PENUH! x macam tahun lepas.. kosong jew..
macam2 aduan ada..don't too spoil r! u're in seseri not ur old school!

Seranta don't know how to gain money! we just survive from dedicaion song. Now, we can't play the dedication song at the DM. SESERIAN fault too.. sapa suruh BISING dlm DM!
yeah...of course i'm 'SAKIT HATI'. I'm the treasurer!
Smile is the BEST therapy. ALHAMDULILLAH:)

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